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Jan 13, 2020

In 2014 I suffered a traumatic injury while serving overseas, I was medivacted to Quantico, VA and assigned to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. During my time there I was the only service member walking on his own two feet and eating with his own two hands; the only one with all four  limbs. All other servicemen had prothestics for limbs or no limbs at all. This experiemce was perhaps more traumatizing than my injury itself, as I would spend my days and nights sympathizing with my fellow brothers. When I left that hospital, in complete gratitude to God for allowing me to keep my limbs, I became determined to bring something back to them; something they had all lost: hope. With this new sport that would allow for people with prosthetics to participate we could bring life to all our comrades who have lost hope of being anything great again; they can once again be a part of a unit where they are valued and accepted. 


I began the Manganni project back in 2016 when I left the Marine Corps, after having served as a vital part of an operating system and having been injured in the process; it became evident to me how desserted one can feel when taken out of your element. There is no warmer feeling than being surrounded by your brothers, who would die protecting you; training along side each other and enjoying leisure time together. 

In the civilian world, its pretty much every man for himself, which completly contradicts our beliefs in the Corps; never leave a man behind. How can I fit in now? How to be part of something greater than myself? Hopeless and helpless, my mind began to wander and wonder and soon enough tripped over such a large stone I had to turn it over and see what was underneath. There was such a longing in my heart for my brotherhood I had lost that I decided to create one! 

In this new corps I would offer a valuable part for each member to take place and feel at home again. After experiencing the feeling of dessertedness, so alone and seperated, I decided I wouldnt exclude a single soul; there would be space for all to share the brotherhood. Military, active and retired, law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency personnel and all civilians who want to better themselves, everyone would be welcome in our new home as part of one giant family.

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