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Veteran Support

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

We Help to create peace for those who've lost it earning our country's liberty while sacrificing their own. We honor our heroes with love, acceptance, and a place to call home. Support us because together we can reach more of our veterans in need.

The Manganni Jungle

"Release Your Savage"

The Manganni Jungle is an oasis for souls seeking growth, health, and community. The tribe trains together through sports, fitness, and team building courses.

We believe in giving our community the health they deserve through the most fundamental path known to humans, mother nature.

Ready To Release The Savage In You? 

Schedule a Free 60 Minute Workout Session to identify how we can Increase you Energy and Performance.

Who We Are?

The Manganni Tribe is composed of all individuals who have invested their sweat and blood in the jungle becoming beasts and releasing savage. Once Manganni, Always Manganni.
  • Survival is key. We pray the bad day never comes, but we prepare so when it does, we're ready. In the jungle, we face our fears and give our best, we face every obstacle as a life challenge and conquer our minds.
  • Release is important for every human being. In the jungle we help you connect with mother nature and release the stress we build in our daily lives. Re-energize your body & mind the Manganni.
  • ​Your Savage is the raw primitive energy that comes directly from your soul, unfiltered, unprocessed; Only Channeled. The type of energy that helps a mother save her child from underneath a school bus. In the Manganni Jungle, you will learn to harness that energy for your protection. 

Find Health - Find Community - Find Your Savage 



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